Tribute to Wally Walters


Wally Walters was a man of many talents. He was an amazing drummer, a talented singer, and an incredible artist. These are things that people who didn’t know Wally all that well will remember him for. For the past week I have been haunted by the cold realization that I fell into this group. But today I learned much more about the man I took for granted. I learned that whether he knew somebody or not, he still loved them the same. I realize now, looking back on the brief time I was lucky enough to be able to spend with this incredible man, that this was true. Wally was the definition of a people person. He was always giving things away, things that ranged from art supplies, to pocket knives, to boots. He had a huge smile that didn’t have an off switch. Even I, in the small amount of time I had with him, soon found that it was near impossible to be in a bad mode around Wally. 

With so many people coming forward to share memories of Wally today, I found how little I really knew him. I never knew how intense his love for Jesus was. I realized that there is no doubt where this man is today. He has risen on eagle’s wings and is before the Lord on his knees singing to Him in one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever been privileged to hear. 


3 thoughts on “Tribute to Wally Walters

  1. He was everything you stated, but Wally was the best, the TRUEST friend you could ever have. There will always be a part of my heart that Wally helped build!
    Phil Jones

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  2. I can say Wally is the best friend I have ever had.. He was such a kind person. God bless you Wally. I was blessed to just know you. Heaven is blessed to have you. Linda Treacle


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