Thanks for an Amazing First Year

thank youThe blog turned 1 yesterday… It’s hard for me to even imagine. It still seems like just yesterday that I sat down a month removed from Kindle 2014 and decided that I wanted to put my gifts in the field of writing towards use for furthering the Kingdom. I sat there and through Weebly created the very first Elevate Blog. After much nagging on the part of a youth leader who will remain unnamed, looking at you Jess, and some personal desire to have a more full fledged website, we made the switch to WordPress in October.


In the 9 months that the Weebly site was active it generated over ONE THOUSAND views. That completely blows me away. You guys are just so awesome. That said, the new site through WordPress has achieved SIX HUNDRED views. Thats 60% of what the old site got in only a third of the time. That puts the blog on pace for 2,400 views in the first year. Holy smokes. God really is great isn’t he?


As I said in the posts on social media yesterday, I don’t do this for the attention. If that was what drove me I would have gotten discouraged and given up many months ago. No, instead I do this because we are commissioned by Christ in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples of all nations. That is our calling. I have chosen to do so through social media as that is something that is becoming more and more used in the Digital Age that we find ourselves in. I hope that through our posts we can break up the monotony of insults, inappropriateness, and immaturity that has become the norm in our feeds these days.

If one of those 1,600 views brings about the salvation of that person, or challenges them to think in a different way, it is all worth it. This new year we are expanding our reach and adding some new features. The Elevate Artist of the Month, Quote of the Month, and Verse of the Month have already been introduced to you guys. These are in addition to the new look and logo that have been integrated over the past month. I’m excited to announce a couple other features in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the facebook, twitter, and instagram pages for these announcements. I also can’t wait to introduce a new series that will take place in a few weeks. In the meantime stay awesome guys. Thanks for an amazing first year and here’s to many more! God bless!   


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