Part 2: Archaeological Finds


Welcome to our second part in the five part series on defending your faith.Today we will be examinging several archaeological finds that come straight from the Bible itself. If you missed our first part, click here to view part one of our series which looks at Manuscript Evidence. Introductions behind us now, lets jump into our first find, The Bethesda Pool.

Found in the late 19th Century, The Bethesda Pool should be a very exciting discovery for Christians. If your memory has failed you, and if it has don’t worry it happens to the best of us, The Bethesda Pool is a location at which Jesus performed one of his many miracles. There, in John 5:2-9, Jesus heals a paralyzed man who had been waiting by the pool believing that if he could get someone to carry him into the water as it was being stirred, he would be healed. But Jesus simply told the man to arise and take up his mat and walk, and the man did. The finding of a location of such a miracle once again proves that the places depicted in Scripture did in fact exist. One reason that scientists or secular scholars would doubt the pool existed was due to the fact that it was depicted as having 5 walls. This, as I’m sure you can imagine, is not exactly a common sight. But when the pool was uncovered by archaeologists it did in fact have 5 walls! This was an extraordinary find for Christians and we should continue to point to this in proving that the places depicted in Scripture were in fact real places.

One of the long raging arguments against the accuracy of scripture was the lack of historical evidence outside of Scripture that talked of a king named David. That changed in 1993, where in Tel Dan, Israel, a stone slab was found containing 9th Century BC writing of King David. This was the first mention of David ever found outside of the Bible. It was a cause for great excitement in the archaeological and Christian communities. This proved that a major historical figure actually existed to those in the scientific community that did not count the Bible as a reliable source. In the inscription, an Aramean king claims to have defeated “the king of Israel” and “the king of the House of David”. The kings are not mentioned specifically but they are believed to be Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah. (Ahaziah of Judah would be the one referred to as ‘king of the House of David”) The importance of this archaeological find cannot be emphasized enough. It proves that one of the major characters of the Old Testament did in fact exist.

Another very exciting find was that of Peter’s house in the small fishing village of Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee. If that isn’t exciting enough, hold on to your seats for this part, it is believed to be the very house that Jesus dwelled in for many years while performing his ministry. It also is believed after Jesus returned to heaven that the home was converted into one of the very first churches. It would have been a central point for early Christian gatherings. The house was very simple and when found looked to be nothing significant. Upon closer examination however, it has proved to be another exciting find for the Christian community.

So now we know of some exciting (and very important) finds for Christians. When we take a look at several other religions we see, in the case of Mormonism, there is debate within the Mormon church itself about where the supposed events depicted are even supposed to have taken place. They themselves can’t even agree on it!

I encourage you to look up more finds regarding the Bible and Christianity. There are many more than I have time to mention. Another site of one of Jesus’s miracles that has been found is the location in which he gave sight to a blind man (The Siloam Pool). I hope you got some key facts out of today’s segment. Always remember to take nothing I say at face value. If I expected you to just believe what I say because I write a blog, I would be as bad as some of the religions out there. Do the research for yourself, and if you would ever like some good sources or help researching I would be more than happy to help. Have a great rest of the day and God bless you all!


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