Part 5: In Defense of a Literal 6 Day Creation


So after a one day delay while I conducted more research, we come to it. The big finale… Welcome to part five of our five part series on Defending Your Faith. If you missed parts 1, 2, 3, or 4, clicking on those numbers will take you to the respective posts if you so desire to visit them. They are, in order, Manuscript Evidence, Archaeological Finds, Biblical Characters, and Divine Intervention in the Writing of Scripture. Today we will be examining why Christians must believe in a literal 6 day creation period. Today’s post will be divided up into several sections. Lets begin…

Why is it that people doubt a 6 day creation?

  • What’s interesting is that the main reason some Christians doubt Creation took place in a literal 6 day period has nothing to do with what’s written in Scripture. Instead it stems from the supposed fact that scientists have proven the Earth to be billions of years old. Since they believe this, they think that the 6 days of Creation listed in Genesis could not in fact be ordinary days, but must be longer periods of time. Some point to 2 Peter 3:8 which says, “…one day is with the Lord as a thousand years…” They say because of this that the days listed in Genesis could in fact be millions of years. But they leave out the rest of the verse which says, “… and a thousand years as one day” Therefore the rest of that verse completely cancels out their argument! The word day already existed and had been defined which allowed for it to be compared to a thousand years waiting with God. In fact, this verse was speaking in reference to the 2nd coming of Christ, not having anything to do with Creation.

Hebrew Translation

  • In Hebrew the word for day is “Yom”. In the Hebrew dictionary the Brown, Driver, Briggs Lexicon (A high standing Hebrew dictionary) several meanings are given for yom depending on context. When giving the meaning of an ordinary 24 hour day for the word yom, it gives the specific example of Genesis 1. Anywhere in the old testament that the word yom is used in a sentence with a number, or the phrase “evening and morning” it always means an ordinary 24 hour day. When talking about each day of Creation, yom is used with a number and the phrase “evening and morning”. This shows us that the writer was going out of the way to be specific as possible that these were 6 twenty-four hour days.

Allowing for millions of years of creation destroys the entire gospel

  • When people begin to believe that the world is millions of years old, the start to believe that a fossil record full of death, disease, and suffering is also millions of years old. But the Bible clearly states that death, disease, and suffering came into the world as a result of sin. If you are allowing that there was sin from the very beginning of time, then you are then you are completely undermining the fact that sin was a result of man’s action, because you are saying that things suffered and died before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. If that was so, if the world was imperfect from the start, then there couldn’t be the restoration spoken of in the end times. In the end, believing in a creation spanning millions of years undermines the entire foundation of the message of the Cross.

Doubt of a literal 6 days opens the door

  • Think about it. If we can’t be sure that when the Bible says 6 days it means 6 days, then how can we be sure that it means a literal resurrection or that it actually means Jesus was born of a virgin?  By looking at outside sources before looking at Scripture itself, we are opening the door to doubting everything the Bible and Jesus says…

We have a 7 day week for a reason

  • In Exodus 20:11 we read that God deliberately took 6 days and rested on the 7th as a pattern for man to follow. The seven day week comes directly from Scripture and if it wasn’t literal then it would have no meaning today.

Adam’s Age

  • We know that when he died Adam was 930 years old when he died. We are also told that he was created on the sixth day. If he lived through both day 6 and 7, and they lasted either thousands or millions of years, the Bible would be lying when it tells us he was 930 years of age when he died (Gen. 5:5). If the bible was lying then, who’s to say it was telling the truth about everything else? But no, the Bible is God’s word and we know that God’s word is infallible.

Comparisons In Genesis

  • On the fourth day of Creation in Genesis 1:14-19, the Bible gives us the comparison of day to night and days to years. If it wasn’t speaking of a literal day, the comparison loses all meaning!

To Conclude

  • So the question is answered, the point is proven, the 6 days of Creation were in fact, as should be obvious to Christians who grew up in Sunday school, where the wondrous story of how God created the world in 6 days is told.

That concludes part 5 of our 5 part series on Defending Your Faith. Thank you all for reading and I apologize for the 1 day (Literally not a million years!) delay in publishing the finale. I needed to do some more research and was also on the road much of the day. Stay tuned, for on the 28th we will announce the Elevate Artist of the Month for February. If you don’t know about the annual artist of the month award, it goes to the individual or group that we feel had the best single or album released during that month. The finalists will be announced tomorrow and you will be asked to give some input, but ultimately the end result will be decided and announced on the 28th. God bless you all and have a great rest of the week!


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