Character Study: Noah

Last summer the so called “Biblical” movie Noah hit theaters with a bang. It quickly took on boatloads of criticism from innumerable quantities of Christians. That was perhaps due to the fact that it was one of the least Biblical movies I have ever seen, That is an opinion held by many, not just myself. The Noah in the movie was shown to be a man who doesn’t understand God’s will and needs to enlist the help of Methuselah (Who is also falsely portrayed falsely as a sort of witch doctor with mental health problems) and giant rock monsters to both understand the vision from God and build the ark. He also is shown to supposedly be following God’s will in performing what would have been the world’s first abortion. Noah also is also shown trying to keep people out of the ark, while in Scripture he tries to convince people to join him on the ark! The purpose of this post isn’t to point out all the wrongly portrayed things in the Noah movie, but instead to show what the Noah of the Bible was actually like, and tell the true story of the flood. We will be examining three points:

Only Righteous Man- In Genesis 6:8, we are told that Noah found favor in the eyes of God and in the next verse it is said that Noah was a righteous man. This comes after Genesis 6:6-7 where it is said that God regrets making humans after seeing their wickedness and is going to wipe them from the face of the Earth. These things show us that Noah was the last man on Earth to follow after God. It is said in Genesis 6:9 that Noah walked with God. Can you believe the faith it would have taken for Noah to be the only one following after a God that many would have discounted as a mere story in that time? Note, this is before the Ark even came into the picture, I believe by telling us these things the author was showing us that Noah was a man of great faith, which is what was needed for someone to undertake the task that would soon befall him.

Perseverance Through Persecution- While Noah was building the Ark, he underwent persecution from the people of the land in which he lived. Though they spoke out against him he continued to preach God’s message: The world wold soon be destroyed by floodwater. Unsurprisingly, the people did not believe that a God they did not believe existed could cause something they did not believe was possible. They had never seen such an abundance of  water that Noah told was coming. Still though they mocked him, Noah continued to build the great boat and preach God’s word. This shows us that Noah was not one who would give up easily

Not A Perfect Man- One thing I’m going to seek to do throughout this series is show that even so called Biblical “heroes” were mere men and women who were not perfect. After exiting the Ark in Genesis 9:21, we are told that Noah became drunk and lay naked in his tent. Even great men of faith will fail, that is why we must not put our faith in men, but in God who will never fail us.

As we can see from these three points, Noah was a righteous man of great faith. He followed God’s commands even while facing persecution from his neighbors. But Noah also had his flaws, as do we all. I think we can learn a lot about faith from the story of Noah. He took one of the largest leaps of faith in history and because of it he was able to begin repopulating Earth with followers of God… Sorry this was a day late but its been a crazy weekend. God bless…



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