Character Study: Ruth


Today I have a special post for you all to enjoy. This is going to be somewhat of a collaboration between myself and a good friend, Brooke Stamper. My words will be in unaltered text throughout the post and her’s will be italicized. When I first read what she had to say on the subject of Ruth, I was blown away. It made me stop taking this story for granted and I realized I had to include it in this month’s series. I want to thank Brooke for allowing me to use some of her writing and I hope you all enjoy a different perspective other than my own for once, something that may happen more often in the near future. For now though, lets take a look at three components of Ruth…

A Prime Example of a Chick Flick- For all you girls out there that like chick flicks, have you ever read the Bible? Because the book of Ruth is a story about a woman and of all people her mother-in-law. If it were a movie you could call it a chick flick. It has all the elements of one; drama, tragedy, danger, loyalty, flirtation, and love. It is a story of a brave woman a honorable man, a marriage, and a baby. But unlike modern chick flicks this is a real story and it speaks clearly to all who read it… I personally couldn’t agree more. Some like to say that the Bible is boring and dull but as Brooke stated, it contains this story of selfless love and passion. I believe that this is how a chick flick is supposed to be, not full of backstabbing, deceit, lies, and inappropriate content. The story of Ruth is one of the greatest love stories ever told and it sets an example of how romance in our own lives should look.

A Woman Faithful to Those She Loved- Here we see a woman who goes the extra mile to be faithful and in Boaz, we see a man of honor. The book of Ruth tells us a lot about the kind people we should be. People who stick by those they love… For those not entirely familiar with Ruth’s story, after the death of her two husbands Ruth choose to leave her homeland and travel to an unfamiliar country so that she might take care of her mother-in-law. There she meets a man named Boaz and is married to him. Boaz is sure to do nothing which would hurt Ruth’s purity and honor before they are wed. This too provides great examples of how we should stick by those we love through thick and then. It also reminds us to protect them from dishonorable things.

A Look Into Jewish Culture-    This incredible love story shows us something about  Jewish culture and reveals an important link in the genetic chain leading to Jesus Christ. The story shows how one can ask for the love they need while still honoring their cultural traditions… Until reading Brooke’s take on Ruth, I actually had know idea there was any connection between Ruth and Jesus. After recovering from the embarrassment that there was something Biblical which I did not know, I was able to look into the matter. To my great surprise, Ruth is the great grandmother of King David! Imagine if Ruth had not ever chosen to follow Naomi! An important part of the genealogy of Jesus would be missing. Ruth was not even an Israelite, whom God had made a covenant with, she was a moabite. Thankfully by marrying Boaz, she was redeemed.

So we see that the story of Ruth is not only the original chick flick, but also is a great story of loyalty along with showing us an important link in the genealogy of our Savior. If you haven’t read the story yourself, I strongly urge you to. As does Brooke, as she leaves us with this, “Please read, as it’s an awesome book for anybody!” I couldn’t agree more, and I would like to thank Brooke once more for allowing me to use her work. It’s refreshing even for me to get a different perspective sometimes. That concludes our study on Ruth. God bless you all and be on the lookout for tomorrow’s character study…



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