Character Study: Esther


Tonight I have another special post for you all. Since my embarrassing lack of knowledge on the subject of Old Testament women has been exposed, I once again have been forced to turn to my good friend Brooke for assistance. If you didn’t catch the collaboration we did on Ruth, I would highly suggest checking that out. Before you do that though, lest take a look into the story of Esther. Once again my words will be in unaltered text and those supplied by Brooke will be italicized. I hope you get something out of this, along with all of the other character studies from recent days. So lets dive into two points pertaining to Esther…

A Thrilling Story- The story of Esther is a spy thriller if ever there was one. Think about it, a young woman not only changes her name, but then proceeds to hide the fact that she’s part of minority group treated with extreme prejudice! She enters a year-long beauty contest in which the winner will become queen of the nation. She actually becomes a king’s favorite and wins the contest. Then, just when there when things are looking really good, she faces a situation in which she has to reveal her identity to the king (risking her life) in order to catch a villain. Not only did she save her people from destruction, but if you add in a high tech gadget and maybe an explosion or two, you’ve got a movie script… Again if anyone tries to say that the Bible or even the Old Testament is boring, I ask you to point them to the story of Esther. If Ruth is the definition of a love story, Esther is a prime example of a spy thriller. Like many great spy stories we have someone who is going incognito in order to protect those she cares about. In this particular story, Ester goes undercover in order to save her fellow Jews. It is interesting that we can look and see that even today the Jews are still being persecuted. They have been all throughout history, the only thing that has changed is the persecutor. Not only does this story give us another example of how the Bible is not in any way boring, it also shows us that even ordinary people can do extraordinary things through the power of God…

God has a Plan- The important thing about Esther’s story isn’t the excitement and thrill, the important thing is that God used Esther because she was willing to trust him and take a huge risk. Esther knew that God put her where she was for a reason and when an opportunity arose, she took it and was able to do great good…  Wherever you may be at in your life, I can promise that God has put you their for a reason and he has a plan. The story of Ester shows us that we just have to be wiling to take the leap of faith in order to do great things. Ester was in a place where her culture was being persecuted and all hope was seemingly lost. God opened a door though and by stepping through it, she was able to save those that she loved. We can learn here that we must be willing to take a leap of faith and put our trust in God alone, even if all hope seems lost…

I apologize for having only two points today instead of one, but it’s a Wednesday and I was scrambling to complete this before we began our time of study and worship. I hope you still got something out of it and you once again enjoyed a bit of an alternative point of view. Join us tomorrow for the series finale!


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