Character Study: King David

king david cs

So far we’ve looked at Noah and Ruth in our Old Testament Character Study. Tonight we’re going to look at one of the central figures of the Old Testament, King David. His story is a diverse one containing sheep, giants, Philistines, and evil kings. We looked at David briefly in our last series, when we examined the archaeological find which was proof of his existence outside of the Bible. Without further ado, lets take a look at three points pertaining to David…

A Man of Great Courage- We all know the story. Not a single man in Israel’s army, including King Saul, was brave enough to face Goliath. But here comes a little shepherd boy with naught but a sling and a stone. He proceeds to, for lack of better phrasing, talk smack to this giant of a man before bravely defeating him in battle. This young boy had just done what an army of grown men had failed to do, he had stood up to a giant. Some may ask how it was possible that this story could be true. How could a young shepherd boy have more courage than men who had trained for war their entire lives? It really is quite simple, he knew who went before him into battle. Israel had forgotten that the God who commands a legion of angels was by their side in battle. David knew that God would go with him and give him the strength to defeat the one who mocked his Lord. From this we can learn an important lesson, our strength and courage should be found in God alone, not in earthly weapons and armor.

A Man of Great Compassion-¬†¬†Eventually King Saul became paranoid that David was trying to steal his thrown and sought to kill David. He failed many times, though the attempts continued. David had left the country and was on the run with a group of those loyal to him. While they were hiding in a cave, Saul of all people came inside to urinate. With the King’s back turned David had a prime opportunity to strike down the man that had sought to kill him. Instead David simply cut part of Saul’s tunic and let his King live. This shows us a great example of one of the Bible’s key teachings that separates it from other so called holy books. It tells us we must love our enemies and show compassion to those that persecute us.

But a Man Nonetheless- Even in the midst of a story of great good, we learn that even someone who was a man after God’s own heart can fall. There is a tragedy found within the story. David noticed the wife of one of his soldiers while she was bathing one day. He then proceeded to have the soldier killed so that he could take the woman as his own wife. Here we have yet another example of why we cannot put our faith in men. One of the greatest men to ever live committed adultery.

That concludes our short look at David. Tomorrow I have another special edition for you, as Brooke and I will be taking a look at Esther. I’m excited and I hope you all are as well. God bless you all and hope to see everyone tomorrow night. Enjoy the rain!


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