2nd Annual Carry The Cross Event


Yesterday myself and Jessica Elmer-Ross hosted the second annual Carry The Cross event. Last year, there were only six of us that participated.
That said, it was incredible to see the turnout we had this time around. If my counting is correct, there were 11 of us this time. It was great to see so many young people out and serving the Lord on a day off school where they could have been doing so many other things with their time.

Once again the event took place on the Strip. We started at the bottom, and after a prayer, worked our way to the top and back down again, stopping for some hot chocolate at the end. This year we were very well received by most of the people we encountered. Unlike last year we had nobody shower us with inappropriate gestures, at least to my knowledge. Many smiled and waved. We also brought along cards containing Bible verses that were handed out to some, which most greatly accepted.

Overall I would consider this year a success, even if it was a bit more chilly and unpleasant than the first event. I look forward to next year’s event where hopefully participation numbers will continue to grow. I’m also planning some kind of outreach at the beginning of the summer, so I’ll keep you posted. Have a great Saturday and don’t forget to join us in between 1st and 2nd service tomorrow for our annual Easter Brunch!


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