Jeremiah 29:11 Short Study


Since service prematurely ended tonight, I’d like to give you all a little something to think about on this stormy night. We often go through storms of a different nature in our own life, and as we are learning in Habbakuk, there are times when we need to “Keep Calm and Hold On”. One of my favorite verses that deals with a similar thing is Jeremiah 29:11. There were actually a few of us that stayed when the rest of you left, and Cody led us in a devotional over this verse. I’d like to share some key points with you.

Thoughts For You- This is one of many verses that gives us an example of just how big our God is. He is big enough that he can be thinking of you as if you are the only person on the Earth. Isn’t that crazy? We cannot fathom having the ability to simultaneously think of everyone at the same time as if they were each the only one alive.

Of Peace Not Evil- No matter where you are in life, know that God has a plan. No situation is bad enough that God can’t use it for good. I promise you that. He doesn’t have a bad life planned for you, he has one that will be full of peace if only you follow him. God’s will can be tricky, but the best advice I can give is to run solely after him and know that everything else will fall into place.

I’m aware that was a pretty short look at an incredible verse, but I just wanted to give you all some things to think about tonight. Know that God has a plan for you and if you truly follow him, it will all fall into place. God bless…


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